Product Packaging and Labels can benefit from Digital Printing

Prime Imaging has helped their Clients design and produce creative Product Packaging.  I think you’ll agree that product packaging is an important part of the overall marketing picture.  Tapping into Digital Printing will give your Brand Managers the ability to create unique versions of each product SKU package or label.  Imagine creating a better-selling product because it literally “speaks to specific audiences”.  Ideas include:  promotion specific messaging, translation into specific target market language, social media call to action, product variety…

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A package has a dual purpose: to cover and protect the product and also to communicate a message to consumers from the brand owner, the manufacturer or the seller,” according to HP’s Ifhar. “In order to grow revenue, increase profitability and differentiate themselves from competitors, brand owners and print buyers are demanding more targeted applications with very short time to market.  This quick turnaround and customization is where the benefits of digital printing come into play,”

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