Vehicle wraps have become an integral way to promote your business

Vehicle Wrap by Prime Imaging

This is a wrap Prime Imaging completed for Centennial College for the Mobile Auto shop. Centennial College uses this vehicle from High School to High School promoting their Transportation program. Prime Imaging worked closely with the designer to ensure the vehicle was easily identifiable and had high visual impact.

Websites, blogs, Tweets and Facebook are all fine but someone has to be looking for you to find you. Stuck in traffic, caught in construction, stopped at a light you can’t help but notice the hundreds of rolling billboards all around. Vehicles of all shapes and sizes promoting everything from Cakes to Legal Services and damned if you don’t notice the majority of them – like it or not. It’s like that same bench advertisement at the bus stop that gets you everytime “You just proved that Bench advertisement works” DOH!

There is a reason that more and more companies choose to include a vehicle wrap in their promotional/advertising budget – because it works. It’s quite simply an economical way to capitalize on an unsuspecting audience wherever your vehicle may go. The power of suggestion is a strong thing. Sure you may not be thinking Flowers, but the Smart Car in front of you with Cindy’s Flower Shop brightly wrapped is just the reminder you needed to remember that your anniversary was yesterday. I guess you’re off to Cindy’s who is conveniently close to your house, and you know that because you can read it directly in front of you because traffic hasn’t moved for two %%#@! lights now.  I digress. Vehicle wraps have become an integral way to promote your business.

A key advantage of a paint wrap is that it can easily be removed if an individual tires of the wrap or if a company rebrands. The original paint on the car will look virtually the same as the day the wrap was installed. A car wrap can also be more affordable than a custom paint job and easier to maintain.

2 thoughts on “Vehicle wraps have become an integral way to promote your business

    • Great question Gerry! For this install the client requested an on-site installation at their location. The great thing about vehicle graphics is our installers are as mobile as the cars themselves.


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