Why use QR codes?

QR codes are extremely easy to create and highly flexible. When scanned with a smartphone, QR codes redirect the user to any web page, form, or download. There are several ways to leverage this technology with your print:

Point of Sale: Include a QR code near registers that links to an email sign up form. This decreases your cashier line wait times, provides better quality data and can help drive additional online purchases. Create a mobile friendly sign-up form or test your current form to make sure it displays and functions properly.

Store Signage: Drive more product purchase with QR codes that link to expanded product descriptions, reviews, and more.

Anything Printed: Consider using QR codes on anything from event banners to your business cards. The codes can link to your call center, sign up forms, and more. Sample below.

This article does a great job explaining how retailers are leading the way: http://www.retailtouchpoints.com/executive-viewpoints/1074-making-mobile-devices-actually-pay

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