Point of Purchase Displays – exceeding our clients’ expectations

Retail Signage

Point of Purchase, or POP, is a big part of what Prime Imaging does. Displays/tools such as tent cards, signs, and banners are an excellent sales booster, if done right. Because of the nature of these projects, they are often very interesting, and can be challenging. Although some POP projects, such as tent cards, are fairly common from a production standpoint, they can really grab attention with standout artwork and unique design. Other POP projects are not so straightforward.

In fact, anything goes in POP, and this is what makes it so interesting. Often we’ll get a call from an excited client, explaining their vision for their POP project. They may not know what the process will be, but they have a great idea, and just need our production know-how to make it happen. That’s when our production side teams up with their creative to bring to life often complicated, one-of-kind pieces. There is no benchmark for production in these cases, because each project will be unique. There is always a sense of pride for us at Prime when these projects are completed and meet, and even exceed, our client’s imagination.

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